Someone once said that there is no joy without sharing. This page was created to share my personal and creative work with the world. Over the last few years, I received requests from friends and family who suggested a public page in order to share my passion for food and the arts, posts I used to share only privately on social media. So, here I am starting this page to share with all of you.

Ever since I can remember, I have been drawn to and appreciated visual and culinary arts; they provide me pleasure, creative inspiration and joy. It also has the power to create a dialogue with myself that allows a unique form of self-exploration. I consider myself a creative explorer trying to find and express my own unique message through different shades of colors, shapes, flavors and technology.

Visual Arts

Over the years I have channeled part of my energy and entrepreneurial spirit into exploring this world over the last 10 years; initially, by co-founding The New England Gallery of Latin American Art (NEGLAA) in Boston, Massachusetts in 2006: a private art gallery dedicated exclusively to promote and represent the works of Latin American visual artists who stand out for their vision, creativity, and originality. The gallery received great attention and rewarded me with great experiences, memories and new friends. After 5 great years with the gallery, my business partner and I decided to close the gallery. With the country in the middle of a real estate crisis, it was too challenging to keep it alive. I then focused on my digital advertising company that I had co-founded with my brother around the same time as the gallery.

Influenced by that community and some artists friends I started experimenting with painting, photography, sculpture, and some digital art during my free time.

In early 2014, using our digital experience and team the idea of creating a series of online art related portals really took shape, so we launched a platform of promotion and inspiration for creative Iberoamerican visual artists.

Today, has become one of the largest communities of Iberoamerican visual artists online. We have over 1,500,000 followers on various social media platforms.

Culinary Arts

The kitchen is a place where I easily forget about everything, where I connect and things flow well. Somehow, I realized over the years that creating culinary experiences for others to enjoy and feed not just their stomachs but their souls brings joy to me. Creating or mixing new elements into a dish, balancing nutrition, taste and presentation is always a never-ending challenge–something akin to mixing colors in a white canvas.  For me food translates into countless good times and memories in my life. So here is a space to share tips, recipes and more with friends and family dispersed all over the world.